Work Permit

Work Permit

Dear Viewers,

Though you have collected a lot of information and data from the consultancy firms and recruiting agencies or any broker of Bangladesh with a view of going to Canada with work permit, you should download and print the following 5 pages. Then you go to your residence and read the said pages with consistence and take your decision. You should keep it in mind that life, money belongs to you. So it is your absolute right to take the decision and focus you accurately need.

Going Canada  with work permit doesn’t mean to come to Sadarghat of Dhaka boarding on the launch of Barisal.

Be careful! You should maintain the safe distance from the cheater group. You should report to the law enforcing agencies with proper evidences against the firms or agencies who swindle their money telling you sweet stories.

Save yourself, save others. Go abroad in a legal way. Remain alert about the fake agencies and cheating group around you.

Going to Canada with work permit:

When we open the pages of the newspaper, we see the flashy offer of Job Visa for going to Canada. It includes drivers, nurses, physicians, engineers, domestic help, gardener. But it’s not that so easy as they put on advertisement. It is quite impossible to go with some professions which Canadian government doesn’t allow to issue LMO. If an applicant doesn’t have any training, educational qualification and permit to live legally there, he/she can’t get LMO nor even go to Canada with work permit. Because, if you try to enter Canada by using fake documents and visa, you have to go to jail before arrival in Canada.

Don’t lose your valuable documents in the game of cheating. The language of the advertisement of Bangladeshi firms in regard of going to Canada with work permit, it is really very hard to get the visa.

How it works (step by step):

1) The processing will be started with the employment agency of Canada as per the agreement with all of your documents such as- academic certificates, job experience, birth certificate, national ID card and photograph. If there is no agreement between that agency of Bangladesh (by whom you want to process and with whom you have deposited the money) and the employer of Canada, your dream won’t be materialized. Your time, money will be lost in vain and you will be cheated.

2) The employment agency of Canada will arrange to produce 4 advertisements in their local newspapers to demonstrate to their government that why they want to bring foreign worker from Bangladesh? It is costly initiative and none of Canadian employer will proceed to do it easily without their interest.

3) After giving the advertisement, the employment agency or employer will apply to HRSDC for getting approval of LMO with local CV. If HRSDC understands after analyzing all aspects that it is reasonable to bring foreign worker by Canadian company from Bangladesh, then they will issue a LMO mentioning several terms and conditions. LMO means Labor Market Opion.

4) After the issuance of LMO, the Canadian employer will make an agreement with the employee in his/her own pad where the matters will be mentioned for which he/she have agreed and send a joint agreement of 5/6 pages after signing on it. It will include with LMO. There is a number at the top of LMO (7 digit) and you are welcome to our office of SA Associates to verify whether the number is genuine or not. The detailed information will be provided within 48 hours.

5) After getting LMO and Job Contract Paper, prepare the job letter from the local employer. Communicate directly with local police station or DMP for the police clearance certificate. Keep available fund of maximum 8-10 lac in the bank statement. It is very necessary during the visa application.

6) If the following documents are prepared, get ready to submit a work permit application file in VFS- Canada Dhaka office.

(a) Passport (b) 2 copies 35×45 photographs (c) Birth Certificate (d) Past and present job letter, appointment letter, salary certificate (e) NID Card (f) LMO & Contract Paper Original (g) Police Clearance Certificate Original (h) Bank Statement Original (in own name),

(i) Job ID Card (j) Full set photocopy of passport from first to last (k) Any extra documents (l) Work permit application form CIC website (m) Family Information CIC website.

Emergency notice: There is no need or obligation to go to Singapore to submit the file. Don’t think to go to Singapore to submit the file spending money unnecessarily. If luck favors you will get the visa from VFS office in Dhaka.

7) You should go to VFS- Canada office in Gulshan within 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Taking the token from the ground floor, you should go to the first floor with all documents mentioned above. Submit your own file. Other won’t reserve the right to submit your file. It is the rule that the staff of VFS won’t accept your file from another. You should bring Tk. 16,850/- as the visa fee (it could be changed). There is a booth of Brac Bank inside the office. Take a slip depositing the money in the booth and notice above that there is an application reference number in DHK/240912/0027 and you can regularly check the status of your file in the official website of VFS-Canada. Click in track your application. Know the file and passport number. Don’t give this receipt where there file is. It is your property.

8) When the file returned from Singapore, one of the following two matters may be occurred (a) you have been sent a letter of medical examination (b) or you have informed why the visa hasn’t been issued along with the refusal letter showing pertinent reasons.

9) If you are informed to undergo a medical test, it means that you’re filled has been approved. You will see a list of the physicians with that medical paper. You should undergo medical test consulting with the physician of your choice. The medical fee is within Tk. 4000/- to Tk. 6000/-. Preserve the medical receipt with care. The physician will send the medical report to Singapore CHC or Canadian Embassy in Philippines at his/her own initiative.

It is the official procedure that they will send the document for undergoing medical test in their own format attested by the high commission pasting your photograph.

10) You should come to the office of VFS- Canada with the medical receipt and original passport and submit the passport and that slip. The officers of VFS will give you a long slip which is your tracking document. Check your status again on the website of VFS- Canada.

It may take a minimum one month to get the visa. Take your passport yourself. Don’t take the passport by any third party. Come to the office of SA Associates for the confirmation of the visa. Free Service, No Payment. May your objective and interest be successful.

Some emergency phone numbers:

(1) VFS-Canada Office, Gulshan-1: 8836055

(2) CHC Singapore Office: (65)-6854-5900

Fax: (65)-6854-5930

(3) HRSDC Number: 1-613-941-1827

(4) Canadian High Commission in Singapore:

E-mail ID:  [email protected]

(5) E-mail ID of VFS: [email protected]

(6) E-mail ID of HRSCD: [email protected]

Getting LMO doesn’t mean getting the visa. Again the completion of the medical test doesn’t guarantee the visa. The visa may be cancelled any time after any investigation.

You can’t say that you are going to Canada with work permit visa until you see the visa in your passport with your own eyes from VFS office.

So proceed cautiously. Don’t be cheated giving money anywhere and harassed to demand your money. Even your life will be endangered. Make call,  if necessary:

Rab-1: 896, 01199816210, Rab- 2: 8159903, 8159860

Rab- 3: 7214350, 7171713, Rab- 4: 8060686, 7709271

Rab-7: 031-2500403 (for Chittagong);