Company Profile

SA Associates

SA Associates is a BRAND name in the education, career, and visa consultancy business sector. It is a leading platform that simplifies the opportunity to study abroad and the learning journey for international students to achieve their goals. SA Associates is a landmark in the industry of overseas admission specialists and has been certified as a Canadian Company Capability by the Canadian government as an Ontario Master Business License recognition. The company was awarded the CSP certificate by the Canadian government and was the first Bangladeshi to join the Toronto chapter of the Association of Image Consultant International (AICI). SAA was incorporated with the sole vision of expanding and empowering people’s options. SAA is dedicated to students who dream of pursuing studies abroad and moving to prosperity, the most cherished dream of students in developing countries like Bangladesh.

SAA believes that the foundation of a great career is distinguished education. If a student has suitable qualifications, Success will definitely Follow.

SAA is a grand gateway for all those wishing to obtain the right qualification, starting right here in Bangladesh to the most exotic and exciting locations across the globe. We assist students from the admissions process to successfully obtaining a visa.

About Ourselves

SA Associates (SAA) is a leading education, career, and visa consultancy firm in Bangladesh. SAA was founded in Dhaka at a time when there was a dire need for competent educational advisers and consultants in the country. We are among the top representatives of international educational consultants in the country.

Currently, our headquarters is situated in Dhaka while we run three branches in Canada, India, and Chittagong. Our professionalism remains familiar in the industry.

We have collaborated with some of the best colleges and universities abroad. We provide expert assistance with scholarships, selecting the best courses with the best educational institute tuition fees, student visas, living costs, etc. The representatives from universities that collaborate with us often visit our office to meet and interact with the students who have applied or are interested in joining them. As a renowned educational consultancy in Bangladesh, we, at SAA Education Consultant, strive to provide excellent service to our partner colleges and universities.


SAA is a Non-Governmental Educational Organization (NGO) operating in the field of education in Canada, which was founded first in Bangladesh in 1998 by the heads of the Foreign Department of several leading education establishments in Canada to increase and simplify the admission of students from foreign shores to them (educational establishments). The rectors of major universities and other professorial staff of educational establishments are on the advisory board of SAA. During the past ten years, over 5000 students have been studying through SAA in various fields.

SA Associates is also registered with the Mayor’s office of Dhaka, an associate member of FACD-CAB (Foreign Admission & Career Development Consultant Association in Bangladesh), a 1st class member of FBCCI, and approved by the Ministry of Education in Bangladesh (License No. DCC-120953). We work through a worldwide network of highly qualified specialists and professionals involved in education consultation with over 9 official representatives and over 20 marketing agents around the world.

“Bangladeshi students have the potential to enroll in Canadian as well as other top-class universities around the world with their own excellence and diligence. We, SA Associates, are here to help and reach your goals” – Supriyo Kumar Chakraborty, CEO, SA Associates.


The hallmarks of our work with and support of colleagues and students include:

1. Respect for each person’s dignity.
2. Fairness and honesty
3. Advocacy on behalf of student needs and interests
4. Listen to your ideas and opinions.
5. Find balance and be bold!
6. Have exacting standards.
7. Build trust and be transparent.
8. Provide value and accept responsibility.
9. Be a leader and win together.
10. Moreover, SAA strives for constant evaluation, improvement, and innovation in its work. Engage in frequent and effective communication.

Performance and Strategies

SA Associates creates a pathway for students with multiple backgrounds to build the knowledge, skills, and abilities to reach their potential as international students in different countries of the world and thrive in their future careers.

We send students to Canada, the USA, Australia, the UK, and Europe. We have skilled professionals for visit visas in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, and the United States. We are trying our best to improve through organizational learning and to have close relationships with academic entrepreneurs, university administration, marketing of higher education, international relations, business development, customer service excellence, revenue generation, partnerships, community outreach, high-performing teams, and talent management.

SA Associates is an official member of highly trusted international organizations including CACUSS (Canadian Association of College & University Student Services), CIEC (Canada India Education Council), IAPBC (International Association of Professional Business Consultant, USA), IECA (Independent Education Consultant Association, USA), AIC (Association of Independent Consultant, Canada), QISAN and NAFSA.

Sa Associates Canada Inc.

SA Associates Canada Inc is officially registered as a Canadian Company by the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services (OCN 1726863), a taxpayer of the Ministry of Finance in Ontario, Canada, and a BN holder of the Canada Revenue Agency (85830-0189-RC0001). SAA is an honorary member of the Canada Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and ISO 9001:2008. SAA is staffed by a highly qualified team of professionals whose main goal is to help foreign students adapt to the lifestyle in Canada. The working language of SAA is English, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Tamil, and Hindi are used for correspondence purposes and implemented in the day-to-day work for exceptional cases.

Awards and Recognitions

Our company and its officials have received different prestigious awards and earned recognition in the Education Industry for their outstanding contributions such as.

1. ITC Award Nomination
One of our great achievements, which we always deserve. Thanks to the authority of the International Trade Council, Washington DC, USA.

2. Qualified Education Agent Counsellor-S423

The Education Agent Training Course (EATC) is a self-paced, industry-recommended course that provides up-to-date information about the Australian education system and Australia as a study destination.

3. Official Member of highly trusted international organization CACUSS (Canadian Association of College & University Student Services)

4. CIEC (Canada India Education Council)

5. APBC (International Association of Professional Business Consultant, USA)

6. IECA (Independent Education Consultant Association, USA)

7. AIC (Association of Independent Consultant, Canada)


9. Recognition as the prestigious ‘leaders of learning certificate’ from Harvard University.

10. Apart from that our officials and consultants have distinguished recognition as.

Aussie specialist.
Hong Kong Specialist.
CCEA certified Consultant.
100% pure New Zealand Specialist (Bronze)
● Round the World Explorer Specialist
● Japan Travel specialist.
● Scots Agent


  • Handling admission for foreign candidates to educational establishments in Toronto and the surrounding region.
  • Promotion of bilateral international cooperation with educational establishments in other countries to implement new educational projects and exchange programs.
  • Implementing and executing new educational programs focused on the needs of the 22nd century to upgrade educational standards and academic levels in any field.
  • Funding and overseeing of joint research projects.
  • Organization and the utilization of new teaching methods (distant learning programs, teaching in languages other than English).
  • Exchange programs, for students and professionals.
  • The maintenance of a Human Resource Database of professionals and job-oriented courses for multinational companies,
    which are drafted as per their demands.
  • The design & execution of programs to upgrade the qualifications of people who have a basic degree.
  • Taking part in foreign projects & grant funds as coordinators to help and develop scientific research institutes in Canada.
  • Bilateral exchange of knowledge across regions.