Student Visa

Student Visa

Few words of us

There are about 140 countries in the world. But is it possible to go all countries for study purposes? Is it suitable to go though possible? How much those degrees can be helpful in the career and job market in the country of origin? It is the main job to think carefully and we should take timely decision.

Who doesn’t dream to study in the happiest, richest, economically strongest countries of the world at present USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Switzerland?

Only proper guideline and perfect processing method is necessary for this step to get success. The rule of admission varies in different countries.

The system of issuing the visa is different. The rules of the becoming the sponsor is different in various countries. The visa of USA can be acquired by H.S.C result. But the visa of the UK can be obtain for doing certificate course in spite of having MBA degree. The main reason of this is processing the file in an improper way, wrong selection of university/college, to take improper decision without keeping confidence on the financial ability, educational qualification. So you can entirely trust us taking mass admission in colleges and universities of the commission business of some student consultancies.

  • Do you want to get admitted in any college or university of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland?
  • What is the easy method of getting visa from the embassy/high commission?
  • How and who will be your sponsor?
  • What extra documents do you need?
  • Visa interview tips.


Going abroad for higher studies

Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland or Malaysia

Most of the students become eager to study abroad after passing H.S.C examination. They can’t become calm until they get the visa. They think that my friend, cousin has gone even the student who wasn’t eligible has gone abroad for study purposes. But he/she can’t go abroad in spite of having excellent result!

There are various reasons for this. The following 5 reasons are very important among these:

  • Not applying in a proper way.
  • Taking wrong decision of choosing the university, course and subject in conformity with the qualification.
  • Selecting the wrong country for higher studies without thinking the financial capability of the guardian.
  • Not follow the proper guideline in case of submitting the application file in VFS or High Commission or Embassy. The presentation of the proper document is a great factor.
  • The last reason is your inefficiency, lack of foresight and immaturity to select the genuinely efficient, smart consultant for the assistance to get the visa.


What should be done?

At first, you have to make yourself fit for studying abroad. If you want to go abroad for doing undergraduate/masters/research with Phd program, the best tips are given below:

(a) You have to score good IELTS because you are going totally English-based territory from your country where people speak in Bengali. Now you have to speak there in English. Even you have to read the signboard in English. Besides you should have a good command over English for writing and listening.

(b) Score standard in GRE/SAT/GMAT according to the course/degree/level/subject. Try to score good from quality institutions. You should keep it in mind that we have 50 top ranked colleges and universities of different countries of the world in undergraduate/masters program through we can only admit you in your desired university. Low fees, admission without offer letter, with/without IELTS/TOEFL never fulfill your dream.

( c ) …..




You should also do:

(g) You have to take the advises of an efficient, smart and experienced consultant for properly completing the admission, post-admission formalities, the preparation of admission, important matters after getting the visa. You should go to the student consultancy firm after justifying elaborately.

(h) Try to publish articles on the contemporary issues in English & Bengali newspapers. These articles will be helpful to get the scholarship.

(i) If you get involved in any sport such as chess, cricket, badminton, football etc. you will get boisterousness of life. You can collect certificates participating in such games. Get involved in different social organizations as a volunteer. Don’t forget to procure the certificates.

(j) At first you shouldn’t go to any consultancy firm. You should go to the embassies of the countries concerned in Dhaka and collect the information about the admission. There are education sections of different embassies. You can spend some time there. They will provide you all out assistance regarding different matters such as the education, eligibility of the admission, the way of getting the scholarship.

(k) If you don’t get any information or response from the university by mail, you must go to the student consultancy. Your imperatives there are- (a) You will take the decision whether there is the approval of the institution or any agreement with other universities of the world. (b) You should check the profile of the person who is giving the counseling whether has the knowledge to answer your questions. There is no lack of people in Dhaka City to convince you in an improper way. There are a good number of people who gives consultations in light of their experiences. There are some persons who tell by dint of online. So you should consider with cautiousness.

(l) You should analyze the situation with your own consideration not falling in the showy advertisements of the consulting firms such as 100% visa guarantee, all expenses after visa, no service charge. If the file is rejected in the embassy, it is very hard to approve the visa for the second time. So careful!


Tuition fee and imperatives after the visa

(m) There is a system of sending the part-payment of tuition fee in different countries. You must be confirmed whether you get the visa. You shouldn’t send money outside of the country depending on the assumption or believing someone. Even you shouldn’t give the responsibility to a consultancy firm sending the tuition fee. Because it is your own duty or by your guardian to send your tuition fee.

If you send your tuition fee through a consultancy firm and you don’t get the visa, the money may be embezzled by that firm. So if you are not conscious, you may become a laughing stock. The process of sending the tuition fee is totally conducted by the direction of Bangladesh Bank. The tuition fee is sent by making student file operating by different banks. It is the only legal way. The rest are illegal.

(n) You must confirm your accommodation before going abroad for studies. Because, arrangement of accommodation in a foreign state is very expensive. If you don’t have such arrangements where you will live, how you will manage food then you will fall in a great difficulty. For this reason, if you have any credit card it quiet relief your pain else it gives you a great pain. Only SA Associates has the solution of these arrangements which will give the confirmed study guarantee. If there is no hostel facility in the university or college, it will be better to confirm accommodation in off campus.

(o) You should write Statement of Purpose or SOP of one thousand words on your favorite subject. All universities give importance to this SOP. Even the visa consular may be aware of your purpose. Study plan is also an important factor. If you answer accurately all the questions of the embassy asked then it will facilitate to get the visa.


Scholarship & its imperatives

(p) It is very hard for our guardians to send their children to USA, Canada, UK or Switzerland, Australia for 4 or 2 years. If your result qualifies to get the scholarship of the concerned country, you should apply for the scholarship at first. This process will be as per the rules of the university. If you send the necessary documents filling out properly, the possibility of getting the scholarship is high. For this reason, you should take the consultations of an efficient, experienced and career consultant. If you notice the success stories page of SA Associates? You can understand how experienced and adept we are in this field. Don’t submit student file bringing offer letter from one university and college in the name of service charge. You will suffer more. On the other hand, the consultancy firms will be benefited selling offer letters. Here is the difference.

Imperatives after getting the visa

(q) Don’t forget to bring necessary goods learning about the weather, culture, food and social condition of that country before going from one country to another. Because it is wise to purchase goods at lower prices than higher prices in the foreign country.

(r) You shouldn’t concentrate in earning money, forgetting the education after going to the country. Always focused after going there. You should do what is necessary. If you don’t reach your goal what you promise to your parents, you have spent your rest of life with the status of labor and you will bear the pain of not being established in the society.

(s) You shouldn’t take any risk to flee from one country to another. If you do so, you may be the victim of the Mediterranean tragedy or the accident in Sahara desert.

At last we would like to say to the students that the dream of studying abroad will come true with the combination of your own thoughts, intelligence, confidence, educational qualification, financial capability, attitude, presentation in the embassy. The role of the government and the institution is minor, your role is main in this aspect. We are please at your success.