Message from CEO

In light of 25 years experiences SA Associates has got cooperation, advice from the valued clients and above all their dreams actually has got shape that it really demands a remarkable success. As a reason I think there are hundreds of consultancy firms here and there in Dhaka as like a mushroom which have no qualitative character and complete knowledge about this. Our valued clients fall into a trap providing wrong information with them and faced with an embarrassing situation, as a result they feel aversion to migration and abroad. They have accepted their helplessness and frustration. There is a far difference between their words and tasks. Looking at their activities, We think our visa consultants are waiting at the embassy when applicants submit their passport and documents to them and they will put a visa sticker on the passport, is that so ?
No, although the voice of advertisement is simple, cheap and full of fake but its real shape is very hard. You can say and do many things for business but you cannot make any excuse and play with their dreams, hopes and aims and no one give you right to do so nor even our government.
Therefore, it is time to take right decision now. You don’t give your valuable papers, passport, photo and invest your sweat earned money at their showers of falsehood and cheap sweet voice of advertisement. It can be happened that you lose your money as well as those documents can be used against you. So think before and move ahead. At first check their profile, read Success stories, verify and ensure about merit, knowledge and intelligence of the consultant. Try to talk with the CEO of the company directly, check his background. Then what you will find, it will more effective for you.
I wish you every success and your dreams may come true in the future. I invite you to visit our web site and read it carefully.
Supriya Kumar Chakraborty
CEO of SA Associates