Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is an immigration and why?
Ans: Immigration is getting the permission to permanently live in a desired country and do continue working. To materialize this desired dream, you should have specific age, educational qualification, job experience and the proper efficiency in English language. Only then you can be an immigrant of the desired country with your family.
2. Is it possible to do the whole immigration processing by me?
3. Why should I hand over the responsibility of my immigration file to SA Associates?
4. Can I process my file from any office of SA Associates?
5. I have opened my file from the Head office of SA Associates. Can I have all my updates from Gulshan Office or Chittagong Office?
6. Do I pay the immigration fee by myself or I can get the assistance of paying the immigration fee in cash mode to a consultant office?
7. How will I correctly learn the matters relating to my immigration status?
8. How much time will be taken to my immigration processing stage?
9. Can I verify the status of my file?
10. Can I meet or talk with the CEO of SAA Associates regarding my file or all matters of the immigration?
11. What is the reason of SA Associates taking their service charge so higher than other consulting farm?
12. Can I share my student or immigration or LMO file number to anyone or any consulting firm? Can I take any information by giving the file number to my friends?
13. Can I get myself ready for selling land and closing the business before the completion of my immigration or student visa or job visa?
14. Can I make anyone sponsor in the case of the student visa or immigration or job visa?
15. Is it possible to pay the service charges after the completion of the visa processing or arrival in the desired country?
16. Is it possible to pay the consulting firm or the employer after arrival in the desired country in case of job visa?
17. In case of job visa of Canada, LMO remains ready that they continue the process taking money for bringing LMO and they demand money in the middle to bring LMO? Is it the rule?
18. Is it the confirmation of the visa to bring the offer letter in case of student admission or approval number in case of immigration visa or LMO in case of job visa?
19. Will I get any assistance after arrival in my desired country? It may be the immigration in Canada. Is it possible to get your assistance regarding the accommodation, employment?
20. I have applied as the business immigration in Canada. Can I get any assistance from you to set up my business, procure documents relating to the business after arrival in Canada?