Expert Profile – Bapan

Bapan Saha

Bapan worked as a Chief Visa Consultant in “SA Associates” Corporate office . Bapan is the first Bangladeshi educational consultant to have passed the “Canada Specialist Program” test conducted by Canadian Tourism Commission, Canada and awarded Canada specialist Accreditation. Bapan Successfully
Passed the Canada course graduate, ICEF trained Agent counselor, Certified Austrian travel specialist, New York Specialist and did many more industry training. Bapan’s extensive visits of countries like Canada, USA, Germany,
Switzerland, France, UK, Singapore, China and other countries to attend education workshops and fairs enable him to learn and experience the latest development in the education sectors.Though minor aged and lesser experienced Mr. Bapan’s information deliveries style surprises obtaining twice consequently the Best Employee Award (2011, 2012) proves truth of Mr.Bapan’s this experience in education industry. A visa consultant such as Bapan is very essential for any firm.