Immigration to Australia

Permanent residency program (Job Seeker/Red-White-Card/Temporary skill)

Permanent residency program (Job Seeker/Red-White-Card/Temporary skill)

Very highly qualified workers who are really interested to take the opportunities to grant a visa under skill worker may apply for a Red-White-Red Card with the competent residence authority in Austria if they are able to submit an employment offer (work contract) during the period of validity of the visa while in Austria. Also applicant for Job Seeker and temporary skill worker may qualify against the following point eligibility.

Your application to come to Austria as a Job Seeker/Red-White-Card or a Temporary skill worker will also be assessed against a point system consisting of Four selection factors. The Four selection factors are:

Age Maximum 20 points
Education Maximum 30 points
Experience Maximum 10 points
Ability in English and or French Maximum 15 points
Total Maximum 75 points
Pass Marks 50 points

You can assess your eligibility using the skilled worker self-assessment test from by sending your CV to our web site www.sa-associates.com or even government web site of Austrian Immigration.


  • Your age should be 21-45 yrs
  • You must have 3/4 yrs honours with 1/2 yrs Master degree + Any diploma certificate
  • You must have job experience in the relevant field at least 4-5 yrs
  • You must have language proficiency in GT/Academic module with a score average at least 6.0 – 6.5
  • You need to provide your accommodation proof (If any) with accidental insurance coverage policy

How to apply:

To begin your process, you need to have all your completed supported documents verified, legalized by World Education Services (WES), attaching with written immigration proposal, cover letter, Job Reference letter from Employer, Current Job Statistics in Austria, Statement of Purpose, Bank support with proper immigration fees for Austria. All these facilities you can obtain from us SA ASSOCIATES with secured and trusted policy.