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You are presumed to know the law or procedures system, but it is likely you will not be aware of every factor that may affect your case. One small MISTAKE with your case could be fatal to your success. Trust the professionals for reliable representation, accurate information and exceptional service. Consultants are licensed and maintain the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Consultants are governed and regulated by counselor societies. Consultants spend many years training and studying the law, reference books, communication and linked with any Govt. official Immigration website like CIC or DIAC directly. This is our field of expertise. Consultants can appeal negative decisions and represent you in Canadian courts in cooperation with well-known lawyer in Canada or Australia who holds the supreme ID respective country’s Law division. If you are not hiring a law firm with expert Consultant, you cannot be confident in your representation, and you will not be getting the best service. Welcome to SAA.

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